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Electricians in Belleville Ontario Quinte Area

Whether it is one circuit or many,

We are here to help you in an emergency with an electrical Failure of almost any type.

As Electricians of Quinte, we are here for your electrical installs

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KJS Electricians in Belleville care and ARE HERE TO HELP YOU

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12 Wilkins St, Belleville, On, K8P 1P1

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Monday to Friday: 8am – 11pm

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Don't wait till it is too late

Electrical problems can be very terrifying. Seeing some of the pictures that we experience is unforgettable.

These are a few examples of things that we do not have control of.

It is so advisable to have your panels checked regularly for loose connections. No one does it except for big business.

It can save you money in the end and maybe your life to have your Electricians of Belleville do a check.

Fully Licenced under ESA, Contractor Lic: ECRA/ESA # 7002859, Master Lic: 6003525, Fully Insured

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