Electrical Safety

Safety is our number one goal

 and quality is our guarantee.

Code Violations

Many do-it-yourself handymen do not realize how risky it is for electrical  work to end up failing and causing fires or create the risk electric shock.


There are very good reasons for ESA  code regulations:  Electrical systems that are  not installed correctly can  result in fires, injuries, and even death.


There is no way to  cut corners safely with electrical work. It must be done right. Just because the job works after you wire it does not mean that it is safe!


Home and business owners in the Belleville and Quinte area  find out during ESA inspections that a previous owner has completed electrical work that resulted in dangerous code violations.


Electrical work that is not completed to code and then inspected can result in your insurance not covering damages if the problem is related to electrical wiring that did not meet ESA code.


KJS Electric has great experience to make electrical repairs to meet ESA code requirements. This is required to save you money and  possible hazards in the future.


Home Inspection Reports

The sale of any home requires home inspection reports in order to ensure the seller is protected from legal action or fines, and the new homeowner is protected against a dangerous electrical situation. We have very extensive experience in inspecting home wiring and electrical work, and can make the report that will allow you to make an informed decision.


For all your electrical repair work in Belleville, trust KJS Electric. Give us a call today to set up your inspection.